should I automate this task?

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Sometimes I wonder how much time I can invest in automating a task before I lose out. Unfortunately the time savings calculator looks like it fell on the side of not worth it, but it did serve as a nice D3.js hello world! and will hopefully guide others to make good time investments ;).Read More

obj-c lessons from go

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A few months ago, I had a look at the brainchild of a few serious heavyweights working at Google. Their project, the Go programming language, is a static typed, c lookalike, semicolon-less, self formatting, package managed, object oriented, easily paralellizable, cluster fuck of genius with an unique class inheritance system. It doesn’t have one. Zilch. Nada. Zéro. “Google – Errrr… Qu’est que fuck??” But, I dug deeper and needn’t have looked further than chapter 1 of the trusty old Gang of Four for an answer.Read More